I've been listening to your CD's a lot lately and I just wanted to take a moment and say Thank You for your wonderful ministry. Your music helps me cope with all that life is throwing at me right now, it gives me strength to carry on, and then there are those times when a verse of one of the songs just touches me and lifts me up. This has happened on a number of occasions but today it happened when I was listening to the second CD and David was singing his version of "Let It Be" and I could feel Mother Mary beside me telling me it will be OK! I know that may sound strange, but I felt it and knew that The Holy Spirit was using your music to comfort me! 

Without your music, without ACTS, my life would be so very different right now; and I know that I would not be feeling the peace and comfort that I am now feeling. You guys have put a lot of time and money and lord knows what ever else into your music and the ACTS movement........And I am so very thankful that you have. You have helped me, you have really helped Mom, and you have helped so many others too! You all are an inspiration to me and I pray that God Blesses Each of You in a Very Special Way! 

Michael Pease


A Special Thanks...

My Dear Friends,
I've missed each of you so very much this year! Tonight, I just got home from a hectic day at work and I looked over toward my stero (actually it was Moms) and I noticed these 6 Wonderful people looking my way and I had to smile! It was the picture you guys took with Mom in Weimar back in 2015! What a marvelous gift you each gave Mom that day; and you continue to give to this family every day! Mom lovingly referred to you as "her boys" and your kindness and your wonderful music helped her on her journey home to Our Loving Father! I will always be indebted to each of you for your kindness, your tenderness, and your love you shared with her and with her family.

As the Birthday of Our Lord approaches I wanted to take the time to wish each of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Glorious New Year! May God Bless each of you in a Very Special Way and Grant you good health and many blessings for your families as well. Hope to see each of you soon... Keep up the good work and Remember that Mom is still singing "La La La La La".
Love you guys,
Michael Pease